At the time the Civil War was raging on the East Coast of the United States (1860-1865), many pioneer families were discovering new fame and fortune in the West. The rs 
had already discovered California and others were starting to settle the vast plains and mountain ranges in between. As early as 1863 Melvin Ross planted a flag on the top of 
a mountain, in Montana Territory, that would forever bear his name. Ross Peak, in the following years, looked down on and protected the tiny, growing community
of Springhill which grew west at the base of the mountain along Ross Creek. 
As with  many early settlers, the first comers to Springhill planted many apple 
orchards and gardens. In some cases today, the only evidence left of a homestead 
are the remnants of the orchards. The historical timeline shows the intensity of 
development that led to the incorporation of the little town of Springhill in 1871. 

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